Monday, April 18, 2016

Class Cancelled M4/18

Class is cancelled M 4/18. Apologies. It was a surprise to me as well. Check back for updates.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Week Six: The Meatrix, The Most Dangerous Job, and Schedule Update

**W/4/13: I have an emergency meeting this morning. so we will Begin Class at 10:00am, but I will open the lab at class time and you may use the computers for whatever you like.**

Hi gals and guys and those who identify
differently. This week we will be writing Essay 3 in-class, then working on shutting down Fast Food Nation by discussing The Meatrix short films and planning for the research paper (Essay 4). I felt it made more sense to flip the schedule, so we will be writing the in-class essay first before final discussions and beginning research.  

"The Most Dangerous Job"
  1. Freewrite: Animals (10 minutes)
  2. What are the main words Schlosser uses to make his points about meat packing?
  3. What do you consider to be the most important revelations of this chapter?
  4. Did the chapter change your view on consuming meat? Why or why not?
The Meatrix: Pick one issue from The Meatrix that interests you and write about 250 words about it. Why do you find it interesting? Would you like to find out more? Write the reflection in your copy book.

Homework: "What's in the Meat?' 193-224.

Schedule (subject to change as needed)

M 4/11 Essay 3: In-class essay
T 4/13  Discussion of  "The Most Dangerous Job" 169-192 and "The Meatrix".
M 4/18  Prewriting and Research for Essay 4. All work returned. All grades in. Copy book evaluation.
Spring Break
M 5/2 Advanced MLA and Databases
W 5/4 Research
M 5/9 Essay 4 Topics and Discussion
W 5/11 Research and Essay Plan
M 5/16 Drafting
W 5/18 First "ugly" Draft DUE for Workshop
M 5/23 Revisions
W 5/25 Essay 4 DUE
M 5/30 No Classes
W 6/1 Essay 4 Returned
M 6/6 All revisions DUE.
W 6/8 Final In-class Reflection Essay

Monday, April 4, 2016

Week Five: The Meatrix

Online class 4/4/16

Today (Online)

Hi everyone! Well I am not dead yet, but the doctors keep calling me in, so we will do the following. Thank you for your patience. If you have not been to B333, it is a great computer lab.
  1. Sign-in HERE (attendance)
  2. Watch The Meatrix short animations HERE (watch all of them).
  3. Check out The Issues HERE. Skim all of them lightly then pick one that appeals to you.
  4. Pick ONE issue and respond to in your journal/copybook (about 500 words). Take time to really think about it.
  5. Post a comment on this post (the "Comments" button below) or HERE about your reaction to The Meatrix. Be sure you have logged in (above to the right). That would be your Gmail/Google log-in.
  6. Respond to three classmates' posts (activity grade). 
Next Class: Essay 2 Draft should be ready for the beginning of class for workshop. See the Essays folder if you are confused. Again, the samples are not "perfect" but "good".